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Call for an Appointment 604-850-1617

Reopening during COVID-19 Attention all Patients

July 14, 2020




To our Amazing Patients:

We have been back in the office for just over a month now and it feels the same and different all at the same time. The logistics of how we run the office has totally changed for the time being.  In the past we were booked a couple of months in advance due to many patients diligently booking dental cleanings every 6 -9 months, that has now been changed to booking about two weeks in advance.  This is due to the following:

  1. We have reduced the number of patients we see in a day to allow for social distancing, minimal overlap of patients in the office, and added infection control measures.


  1. We have lost almost 3 months of time which we will never get back or catch up from. This has meant canceling all those pre-booked appointments and now trying to schedule them in again, if that is even possible.


  1. We also started with less staff in the office to begin with and have just added our hygienists back to the team at the beginning of July.  Before they used to see 7-8 patients in a day, but we are now only booking 4-5. This means that unfortunately some of you have missed your scheduled interval for a check-up and cleaning and will now be moved to your next scheduled interval. At this time, we see no other way around this, but like all things in the last three months that could change yet too.

For check-up and cleanings, right now we are working at trying to keep the majority of scheduled appointments for July onwards, but there will still need to be changes due to the reduced numbers that we see in the day. We will be contacting you in the days and weeks ahead and do our best to accommodate your needs, but due to our scheduling modifications it will require some flexibility from all of us to rebook you.

As for our younger patients, right now we feel it is in everybody’s best interest that they do not come to the office unless they have an urgent need or outstanding treatment that we will need to book. The logistics of seeing kids and potential risk seem to outweigh the benefits for their regular check-ups and cleanings at this time…so to all of our younger patients continue to brush and floss over your summer break, and we look forward to seeing you in the near future.  Should a dental emergency arise for your kids, we will continue to provide great care in a safe and friendly environment.

As a team, our ultimate goal is to continue to serve your dental needs in a safe and friendly manner with an emphasis on promptness and quality of care. We have been greatly encouraged by many of you who have already been in, and we thank you all for your continuing support. You  are always welcome to contact us by phone or email, and we just ask that you continue to be patient with us during this recovery phase of the pandemic, as our workload and volume have increased from the usual scheduling.

All of us at Downtown Abbotsford Dental look forward to seeing you soon, and we are committed to increasing the number of patients we serve each day as we move forward and regulations allow.  Be kind, be safe, and know we are smiling under all our new PPE when you come through our doors!

Dr. Ray Dyck and the Team